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Friday January 23rd 2009 the 19th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie ended on a note of satisfaction all round for your 17
exhibiting brands. Whilst visitor numbers had been down as anticipated brands reported good outcomes with sales in line with
expectations. Obviously the present financial climate has not tarnished the appeal of Fine Replica watches worldwide. breitling aerospace avantage old watches
The 2009 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie confirmed it's a important occasion within the profession s calendar because the
significant clients from the 17 exhibiting brands travelled to Geneva for this initial ever January edition from the Show.
This year as in prior years the extraordinary experience of those brands was on display as a lot via the technical and aesthetic
innovation captured in their timepieces as within the distinctive craftsmanship behind every 1.
As anticipated visitor numbers had been some 20% down a consequence of a difficult financial climate within the Japanese and American
markets. Some 1 200 specialised journalists covered the Show demonstrating international media interest in what's each a reflection
from the newest trends along with a hub for your prestige watch sector.
Mr Norbert Platt CEO of Franco Cologni President from the SIHH 2009
Mr Norbert Platt CEO of Mrs Fabienne Lupo Managing Director from the
With attendance focused on brands most significant retailers exhibitors had been pleased using the volume of company carried out. boyfriend watch
Initial feedback indicates that orders matched expectations in specific within the excellent watch segment. Indeed clients had been
won more than from the prestige timepieces on display confirming the s distinctive function within the Fine Watch sector.
All of the indications are that 2009 will probably be a year of consolidation following the unprecedented interest in technical and
valuable Replica watches of current years had taken the sector to a level which nobody could reasonably anticipate to continue into 2009. As
for your rescheduling from the in January it was welcomed by guests to whom exhibitors had been in a position to devote much more time
and from the brands themselves which may much better strategy production and delivery of their new models.
Mr Pierre Fran ois Unger from the State Council Mr Bernard Fornas CEO of Mrs Fabienne Lupo Managing Director from the Mr Philippe
Leopold Metzger CEO of Mr Juan Carlos Torres CEO of. SIHH 2009
As host city from the Geneva leaves no doubt that it remains a bastion of Fine Watchmaking. Indeed an extra thirty some brands
descended around the city throughout this excellent week taking benefit from the Show s distinctive force of attraction.
The is organised from the below the aegis from the Exhibitor Committee which guarantees the Show s independence and guarantees its
core values of high quality and excellence continue to prevail. As such the dates from the 2010 will probably be confirmed following
the following meeting from the Exhibitor Committee which now presides more than choices concerning the and its improvement.
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