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This really is the premiere of a retail technique in which the brand's flagship shops serve as influential additions towards the
brand's general distribution network rolex 16622 . The Malaysian opening is followed by but an additional flagship shop in Beijing, China in April
The prestigious Malaysian address for Replica watches, leather goods, writing instruments and fragrances is set within the thrilling Starhill
Gallery, housing the finest international luxury brands, like, and Fendi - a buying encounter for travellers and also the much more
affluent inhabitants of Kuala Lumpur.
Says Christian Schaffner, CEO of Zino Trading AG: "We are proud to open our initial flagship shop in collaboration using the Starhill
Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia type an international travel hub and an essential buying destination in Southeast
Asia, so it's a all-natural step that we open a boutique right here. Starhill Gallery is really a companion that lives as much as our
higher requirements of high quality and has an influential image. We're consequently extremely enthusiastic about this opening. "
Dato' Francis Sew, President of Mystique Universal continues to state that, "It provides us tremendous pleasure to possess the brand
below Mystique Universal because the values the label represents is one thing we would ideally wish to embody. Sentiments of luxury, rolex austin
class and high quality have all grown to become emblems from the brand"
's shops, to become established worldwide in strategic cities , are developed based on the company's retail philosophy, panerai "Inviting
Luxury" - a idea created in close collaboration with architects getting substantial encounter within the luxury area. "Inviting
Luxury" conveys a friendly, warm, but distinguished welcome to clients. Certainly one of the central elements from the store's style
is inspired by a traditional "ocean liner" travel trunk, with characteristic metallic corners and distinct leather exterior. It
mirrors the brand's travel-oriented image. The exquisite environment invites guests to uncover and appreciate the entire world of. A
supply of inspiration for your idea will be the company's founder, Zino himself - a passionate traveller and man of culture. The brand
therefore targets the international citizen and its way of life of movement and exploration.
The shop in Kuala Lumpur features a surface region of 70 square meters. The space is just the correct size to guarantee a discreet,
pleasant environment, having a sales group skilled in serving an exclusive clientele, like Kuala Lumpur's nobility, also as shoppers
from around the globe.
Independently, and no longer below license, Zino Trading AG now manufactures Replica watches, writing instruments and leather articles below
its personal Extremely Zino way of life idea. The Swiss-made watch collection, with automatic movements, is produced with top-quality
elements. The leather goods produced in Italy, and also the current collection of writing instruments created by German craftsmen type
harmonious additions towards the general idea.
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